KCLV-TV Highlights Adoption Success Stories from The Animal Foundation

On April 15, 2019, local City of Las Vegas television KCLV-TV Channel 2 reported on a couple of the many adoption success stories where families and shelter pets from The Animal Foundation have found their perfect match. 

In a feature segment for the award-winning “City Beat” show, host Nancy Byrne takes a look at some of the key ingredients to making a match work. According to Randal Christensen, who along with his two daughters adopted seven-year-old Bonnie after she spent six months at the shelter, it has a lot to do with patience and understanding the pet is adjusting to you as much as you are adjusting to them. He said he and his family felt they had no other choice but to rescue a shelter pet vs. buying one. Ole Hansen also talked about his adopted shelter dog Susi and how he couldn’t have bought a better dog. At the conclusion, host Nancy Byrne asks the question: who actually rescued whom? 

Potential adopters can search for adoptable pets here.