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Wish list donations to The Animal Foundation

The Animal Foundation in Las Vegas is always in need of basic and specialized items to care for our shelter and foster pets and welcome gifts of all kinds.

From peanut butter and litter pans to blankets and Kong toys, The Animal Foundation and the homeless animals in our care appreciate your help! Support of this nature is considered a gift in-kind and is eligible for tax deductions under charitable giving as defined by the IRS.

Purchase Items via Our Chewy and Amazon Wish Lists

You can purchase most of the items on our list and more on our Chewy and Amazon Wish Lists! The Animal Foundation appreciates everyone who donates to us through Chewy and Amazon.

Please note: We are not told who the gift is from unless you choose to include a ‘gift note.’ Please include your name as well as an email address and mailing address. If you do, we can send you a thank you and donation receipt. We are VERY appreciative!

We are in constant need of these items. Please drop off items at Lied Animal Shelter where you will be issued a gift receipt for your donation):

Our Wishlist

Big Wishes

Campus-Wide Needs

Motorola Professional Two-Way Radio - Our campus is over 8 acres and radios are essential for staff to be able to communicate efficiently.

Motorola Multi Unit Charger Station - Our campus is spread out and our staff use radios to communicate throughout the work day. With so much use, batteries drain quickly. This charger will help ensure our staff is able to communicate at all times and meet the needs of our animals.

Clinic Needs

Gaymar Heating/Cooling T/Pump - Our clinic uses TPump Systems to keep animals warm during operating procedures.

HomeAgain Universal Worldscan Microchip Reader - Microchip scanners are used throughout the clinic and shelter to help get dogs and cats back to their owners.

Soma Technology Bair Hugger - Really needed for our clinic! The Bair Hugger helps keep animals warm and comfortable as they recover from surgery.

Amston Platform Veterinary Animal Digital Scale for Large Animals - Our veterinary clinic needs a new pet scale to manage and track animal body mass, which is particularly important when the team is caring for malnourished rescue animals.

UltraEdge Professional Animal Grooming Blade Clipper - As a high-volume shelter and clinic, our clippers get a lot of wear and tear and eventually wear out. These clippers are essential to both to prep animals for surgery and also to groom matted animals and increase their comfort and adoptability.

K-9 Dryer – Grooming is not only important an adoptable pet’s appearance, it’s important to their health. Severe matting can be extremely uncomfortable and can cause bacterial infections and other health problems. A heavy-duty dryer like this one will allow us to more efficiently dry pets.

Please note: Due to storage and safety, we are unable to accept cleaning chemicals.

Certain medical supplies can be accepted, but please call the Public Clinic to inquire as some restrictions apply (702-384-3333, ext. 904).

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The Animal Foundation at 655 N. Mojave Road in Las Vegas is conveniently located off US-95 and Eastern. The Animal Foundation is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization. All donations are tax deductible in full or in part. Tax ID: 88-0144253. Contact us by phone or email using the contact information found here.

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