The Animal Foundation’s CARE Fund Aims to Help Dogs Like Louie Get Adopted

On January 20, 2020, KSNV-TV News 3 reported on how The Animal Foundation is asking for help with a special case: he's an eight-year-old Pit Bull mix named "Louie," who's been returned to the shelter no fewer than six times due to no fault of his own. When it comes to obedience training, eight-year-old Louie has all the right moves and affection. What Louie hasn't found is a family of his own, moving in and out of The Animal Foundation for seven years. Recently the staff has noticed the uncertainty taking a toll, as the energetic senior is now seeming depressed. Part of the problem: his recent health needs, including the removal of several masses, and painful dental issues. Thanks to the shelter’s CARE Fund, which helps to cover extreme vet bills, the staff was able to get Louie to an outside vet where he had his teeth cleaned and as many as eight extractions.

Reporter Denise Rosch spoke with Kelly Leahy, Communications Manager for The Animal Foundation. According to Leahy, “A shelter is not a long-term home for a dog like Louie. He deserves his own forever home with a loving family.”

Information about adopting a shelter pet at The Animal Foundation is at