The Animal Foundation Sheltering an Unusually High Number of Potbelly Pigs

On February 25, 2019, KLAS-TV Channel 8 (CBS) reported on how The Animal Foundation is trying to find homes for a large number of potbelly pigs in its care.

The majority of the pigs were brought in as strays by Animal Control, most likely after the people who purchased them discovered that they don’t stay small. According to Monique Hanson, a Foster Specialist with The Animal Foundation, pigs don’t stay little. A typical potbelly pig can easily reach upwards of 100 pounds, which can cause some owners to abandon their pig pets. Pigs can live indoors but they also really need an outdoor space as well as regular pig feed and a vegetable-based diet. They can make for great companions, much like a dog. View the video below.


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