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Best in Show

Best in Show

November 15, 2020 | 10:00 am - 11:30 am

The Animal Foundation’s signature annual event, Best in Show, has been rescheduled for November 15 as an all-virtual experience.

A variety of incredible shelter dogs will compete for YOUR vote in hopes of winning the title of Best in Show, and they will all be available for adoption during the event.

A $20 donation will get you into the show and help fund our life-saving programs to save more homeless animals in our community. PLUS, you'll have access to participate in our silent auction.



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How Does It Work? 


You can vote online for your favorite dogs in in each category November 9 - 13. Your votes will be tabulated, and the winner from each category will compete for the top prize of Best in Show during the live virtual event! 

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It's not too late to grab your ticket to Best in Show so you can bid on over 50 fantastic items, including Club Level tickets to the Raiders, a private wine tasting experience in Santa Barbara with airfare included, a 14-day luxury Crystal Cruise, VIP Box seats at The Smith Center and Capriotti's for a year. Your $20 donation to The Animal Foundation grants you access to the online silent auction taking place now through 3PM on Sunday, November 15. And the best part is, all proceeds go directly to The Animal Foundation's life-saving programs to help homeless animals in our community. 

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Only one dog can be crowned Best in Show, but ALL of the dogs are available for adoption by those who purchase tickets to the event! Participants can bid for a chance to adopt during the show. Bidding begins when the online event starts at 10 AM Sunday, November 15, and ends at 3 PM that same day. All proceeds go directly to The Animal Foundation's life-saving programs.

If you are the winning bidder for one of these amazing dogs, a member of our adoptions team will contact you after 4 PM on November 15 to coordinate the adoption counseling process and pick-up for that following Monday, November 16.

Buy tickets HERE and join us on November 15! 


Best in Show Participants 

The dogs below will compete for the title of Best in Show during our virtual event on Sunday, November 15! Except for the puppies — all puppies are winners because they're just too doggone cute! 

Photo Credit: Bark Gallery

Puppy Parade

                                      AF - Best in Show Digital Asset - Website Photo Grids - Puppy.jpg

GRV_2176-Jeremy (1).jpg



Puppy Bios: 


A1145498 | Male | Doberman Pinscher | 13 Weeks

As my namesake Frank Sinatra says, “The best is yet to come” if you adopt me! I’m easy to train and a very good listener. I love everyone but especially adore children. I’m loyal to my family and would love to stay by your side all day long. Please take me home!


A1145497 | Male | Doberman Pinscher | 13 Weeks

I’m a sweet, handsome boy who loves to cuddle. I’m just a puppy, so I’m working on potty training, but I’m picking it up really well! I’m a five-star fetcher, and I get along with other dogs and I’m great with kids. Pick me!


A1145598 | Male | Catahoula | 5 Months

I’m a goofy bundle of joy with a beautiful coat! I get along with other dogs, but I really prefer to spend my time cuddled up with my human friends. I’m housebroken and crate trained, but I’m just a young guy so I still have a lot to learn. I’d love nothing more than to cuddle up with you and chew on my favorite squid plush toy.


A1146434 | Male | Chihuahua | 3 Months

I’m an energetic little guy who loves attention! I love to jump in your lap and give kisses. I’m a happy  pup who enjoys playing. Be careful because I’ll run away with your heart when you stare into my cute puppy eyes. And how can you resist my charming smile? Please take me home!


A1144348 | Female | Chihuahua | 11 Weeks

I’m little but fierce! And aren’t my big ears just the cutest? I’m an expert cuddler and love to snuggle under the blankets, but I also have a playful side. I adore other animals, and I sometimes get the zoomies! Even though I’m small, I rule the roost! Please take me home!


A1145820 | Female | German Shepherd | 8 Weeks

Will you be the cheese to my Macaroni? I’m a super smart, fast learner looking for someone to love me forever. I love other dogs and my chew toys. I’m super friendly towards everyone but very loyal to “my person,” and I’ll always get most excited to see you! Pick me! I’ll be your sweet best friend.


A1146228 | Female | Terrier | 11 Weeks

Aren’t I just adorable? And bonus: I’m a fast learner! I’m picking up commands like “sit” and “come” quickly. I love snuggling up and sleeping with my humans, and I’m eager to meet new people and explore. I enjoy the company of other dogs and love chewing on my Kong toyMake me a part of your family, please!

Small Dogs Group

                                      AF - Best in Show Digital Asset - Website Photo Grids - Small (1).jpg

Small Dog Bios: 


A1144572 | Male | Dachshund | 10 Months

Hi, my name is Earl, and I’m proof that sometimes big personalities come in small packages. At 10 months old, I still have that puppy exuberance, but I also have a relaxed and snuggly side. I get along well with all cats, dogs and humans. I love nothing better than a squeaky toy, and I’m a gold medal high jumper! Please let me jump into your heart!


A1144557 | Male | Shih tzu | 3 Years

I’m a cute little fluff ball who’d just love to go home with you! I’m super calm and easy going, and I get along with all dogs and people. I’m an affectionate lap dog who loves snuggles and tummy rubs. Please take me home!

Bat Boy

A1144455 | Male | Lhasa Apso | 1.5 Years

I have the sweetest face and the cutest little tail wag. I’m a housebroken lap dog who loves everyone – doesn’t that make me just seem perfect? I’m calm and affectionate and would love nothing more than to come home with you!


A1146155 | Female | Terrier | 4 Years

I’m a happy go lucky lovebug who would love to be your new best friend. I’m housebroken and very well behaved… though I will beg for more belly rubs! I have a playful personality, and I’m cute as a button. Please choose me!


A1145577 | Female | Terrier | 1 Year

I’m a dainty little gal who would love nothing more than to stay by your side. I’m housebroken and get along with all people, though larger dogs can seem a bit scary sometimes. I’m very sweet and well-behaved but could benefit from some extra socialization so I don’t get quite so attached to my human friends. I’m looking for my forever home in your lap!

Medium Dogs Group

                                      AF - Best in Show Digital Asset - Website Photo Grids - Medium.jpg

Medium Dog Bios: 


A11445233 | Male | Tibetan Terrier | 1 Year

Just look into these soulful eyes and tell me you aren’t already in love! I’m a sweet and loving soul who would like nothing more than to lay at your feet and give you puppy dog kisses. I love kids, other animals and car rides – so what are you waiting for? Take me home!


A1144998 | Male | American Bulldog Mix | 3 Years

I’m a chonky meatball just full of charm! Take one look at my handsome face and tell me you aren’t in love. I’ve been told I’m a hoot!  My silly faces and goofy personality will warm your heart. I love going on walks and napping in the sunshine. Please choose me!


A1146430 | Male | Pitbull | 5 Months

I’m a happy pup who just loves attention! Start petting me and watch my whole body wiggle. I love my toys and already know how to sit; with some reinforcement and training, there’s no telling all the cool things I could learn! Please take me home


A1147161 | Male | Terrier | 3 Months

I’m an active cutie with tons of potential! I’m very sweet and handsome, and I’m getting a lot of training in my foster home. How can you resist my sweet face and big puppy dog paws? Please take me home!


A1145003 | Female | Whippet Mix | 1 Year

Need a new hiking partner? I’m your girl! I’m a high energy beauty who loves to be on the go and would be most at home in an active household. Even though I love to run and play, I’m an expert snuggler at night when it’s time for bed. I love attention and even know how to sit! Pick me!


A1147189 | Female | Schnauzer | 4 Years

I’m a shy girl who just needs the perfect companion to help me come out of my shell. I love lying in the sun and sleeping in my dog bed. Please give me the love I deserve, and take me home! 


Large Dogs Group 

                                      AF - Best in Show Digital Asset - Website Photo Grids - Large.jpg

Large Dog Bios: 


A1145456 | Male | Bernese Mountain Dog | 1 Year

I’m a big, lovable hunk whose goofy personality is hard to resist! I’m already housebroken and crate-trained with perfect manners. I enjoy the company of other dogs and love absolutely everyone, but I would love you the most if you made me part of your family!


A1144056 | Male | Anatol Shepherd | 1 Year

Need a running partner? Look no further! I’m an outgoing boy who loves to explore and play ball. I’m super intelligent and love my training sessions. I’d make a great best friend; please choose me!


A1145312 | Male | German Shepherd | 1 Year

I’m a handsome gentleman with great manners. I’m a mellow, fun-loving guy, but I can kick up the energy for play time. I love to cuddle or just lay by you while you do household chores. I’m housebroken, good with children, and I walk well on a leash – Don’t I sound like the perfect best friend? Choose me!


A1144516 | Female | Hound Doberman Mix | 6 Months

Did someone say there was an opening for a new best friend? I’m the perfect dog for the job! I’m good with everyone, including cats, and I love to be by my humans’ side. I’ll follow you anywhere! I’m athletic and would make a great running companion. So, what are you waiting for? Choose me!


A1144835 | Female | German Wirehaired Pointer| 10 Months

Aren’t I the prettiest girl in the whole world? And I’m not all looks; I’ve got substance too! I walk well on a leash and am an expert hiker! I love being petted and will nudge you for more attention if I don’t think it’s time to stop. I’m good with other dogs and humans and would make a great companion. I’m just waiting for you to choose me!


A1147110 | Female | Cane Corso | 4 Years

I’m a super happy lovebug who just adores people. When I see someone approach me or I’m getting petted, I just can’t control my little tail from wagging and wiggling like a propeller. I’m super affectionate and love to play ball. Even though I’m a hefty girl, I’d love nothing more than to snuggle on your lap in my forever home. Pick me!

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