Titus is Loving Foster Life

Titus Loves His Foster Home

Seeing Titus relax in a foster home, you’d never guess he was the same dog who, just last week, was having a hard time moving after being found injured at a construction site.

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He recently underwent surgery at a partnering veterinary hospital for a dislocated hip and a broken back leg. He’s healing beautifully. Here’s what his foster had to say:

“Over the weekend, Titus watched Seasons 1 and 2 of Ted Lasso, and it really seemed like he was watching the TV. He’s very gentle. He wants to be wherever I go.”

Titus Needs Your Help

Titus needs your help. He came to The Animal Foundation injured and in pain after being found living at a construction site.

Our veterinary team examined Titus and x-rays revealed the cause of his pain: a dislocated hip and a broken back leg. He can't run and play like other dogs, because he can't put pressure on his injured leg.

Despite his pain, Titus knows we are here to help him, and he is gentle and easy-going. He loves to sit by your side for endless head scratches.

Titus needs specialized surgery to fix his leg and hip, and we are committed to providing the care he needs to heal. He will go to a partnering veterinary hospital because of the severity of his injuries. But the surgery is expensive, and he needs weeks of followup care, and we need your help paying for his medical bills.

Please consider making a donation to our CARE Fund that provides emergency and specialized medical care to homeless animals in need.

We don’t know how Titus was injured. Instead, we are focusing on his care and recovery knowing that he will make a fantastic family member for a lucky adopter once he has healed.

Our shelter supports the care of all animals picked up by Animal Protection Services. No matter their condition or situation, we give them the care they need. This month so far, we have taken in nearly 600 animals.

When you donate to our CARE Fund, 100% of your donation goes towards medical care. Any donations exceeding the cost of Titus’ medical bills will help other pets needing emergency or specialized care.

If you’re interested in fostering Titus, please email foster@animalfoundation. His ID# is A1289032.

You can donate to Titus here:

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