Sable's Surgery was a Success!

Sable's Surgery was a Success!

GOOD NEWS! Sable’s surgery at Las Vegas Veterinary Specialty Center was a success, and she will soon head to a foster home to rest and recover.


This sweet girl came to The Animal Foundation after being hit by a car near Clark County Wetlands Park. 

Sable had a fractured femur and needed orthopedic surgery. Her leg was repaired using plates and screws. The cost of the surgery was high and we couldn’t do it without the generous donations and support of people like you. From all of us at The Animal Foundation, we truly thank you.

If you would like to donate to Sable’s surgery and continued care, you can do so HERE

Sable the Hit & Run Dog Needs Your Help

Sable stumbled down the street as a driver helplessly watched her struggle and then collapse near Clark County Wetlands Park on the east side of Las Vegas.

Sable 2 edit.jpeg

The driver called Animal Protection Services and an officer arrived to find a dog lying on the road after being hit by a car. The driver who hit Sable did not stop to help her.

11-month-old Sable limped back to the officer’s truck, unable to put any weight on her back right leg. The officer rushed Sable to The Animal Foundation for immediate medical care.

Our veterinary team quickly treated Sable’s pain and x-rays revealed she has a fractured right femur.

When Sable first arrived at the shelter, she was nervous and in pain. Today, she acts like a puppy, and her sweet spirit continues to steal the hearts of our veterinarians.

Sable 1.jpeg

Sable needs to go to one of our partner veterinary clinics, Las Vegas Veterinary Specialty Center, for orthopedic surgery. This specialized surgery will allow her to regain the use of her leg and live a pain-free life.

After the surgery, Sable will need strict cage rest to allow her leg to heal.

Sable 3.jpeg

Sable is counting on you to help her heal. 

We established our CARE Fund for animals who need special care in extreme circumstances. 100% of all donations go directly to medical care for animals like Sable. Please donate to our CARE Fund to help us cover the costs of Sable’s surgery and care.

Should donations exceed Sable’s medical bills, extra funds will go towards saving other animals who desperately need us.

Click Here to contribute to the CARE fund

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