Murdoch Needs Your Help

March 13, 2024

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Murdoch’s life just changed because this amazing couple adopted him. They gave this sweet boy a life, and we can’t wait for more updates.

Heather and Maranda saw Murdoch on The Animal Foundation’s Instagram page, and they instantly knew she wanted to adopt him.

A couple of weeks ago, Murdoch was discovered alone in a park. While he arrived at The Animal Foundation with multiple injuries, his body is recovering well. He is in better shape than we thought, and likely won’t need surgical intervention. We brought him to an orthopedic surgeon for the best possible care. His recommendation is Murdoch is healing well on his own, and as long as he remains comfortable in his new home, he doesn’t have to undergo any procedures.

Murdoch’s retinas are also detached, and we don’t know what caused this. It could be from trauma or something else. Murdoch has started on medications, and if he responds to those treatments, he could regain his vision. He has a follow-up appointment with a specialist in two weeks.

Thank you to everyone who donated to Murdoch’s care so he can lead a happy and healthy life. Our CARE Fund which helps animals with specialized medical needs, exists only through private donations. Any not used for Murdoch’s care will go directly to the medical costs of other animals in extreme circumstances.

March 5, 2024

Murdoch, a blind puppy, was discovered alone and injured in a park, his body bearing the weight of multiple broken bones.

When Murdoch arrived at The Animal Foundation, our veterinary team immediately knew something was very wrong.

X-rays unveiled the extent of Murdoch's injuries – shattered ribs, a broken jaw, and a fractured leg. Murdoch’s face is fractured, his legs are bruised, and he has a broken tooth.

Murdoch is new to this world. He’s just 5 months old.

When we see cases like this, our hearts sink.

We don’t know the circumstances surrounding Murdoch’s heartbreaking situation, but his injuries are suspicious, and it appears a person may be responsible for his suffering.

We can’t let Murdoch down. He’s depending on us.

Can you help us provide the critical care that Murdoch needs so he can recover and lead a happy and healthy life?

Our CARE Fund which helps animals with emergency and extraordinary medical needs, exists only through private donations.

Thank you for your support of The Animal Foundation and the animals we serve.

Your compassion can make all the difference in Murdoch’s journey to recovery. Donations can be made here:

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