Max has been adopted!

Max has been adopted!

We are so happy to report that this brave boy is lounging in his forever home!


Max was brought to us after being found with multiple gunshot wounds and was in need of urgent life-saving medical care. He went through multiple surgeries, and daily wound cleaning, and stayed loving and kind the whole time.


Since Max has been adopted, his wounds have fully healed, he is recovering fantastically, and his family renamed him Logan! He gets along well with his new fur siblings and loves to snuggle in his new sweater. He adores his new people and says hello by slamming his body into them, but in a nice way.


Thanks to the generous donations from the community to our CARE Fund, we were able to give this gentle guy a new lease on life. This fund is used solely for animals that need severe medical care in extreme circumstances.

Learn more about our CARE Fund here:

Max is on the road to recovery!

Our veterinary team says that despite everything Max has been through- he just wants love, cuddles, and cheese.

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Max was found with multiple gunshot wounds on the far east side of Las Vegas. Animal Protective Services brought him to The Animal Foundation for emergency medical care.

Max has been a rockstar patient. He is healing well, no longer needs sedation for most of his wound cleaning, and only has one wound that needs to be closed up. He is tolerant of our team and knows that we are here to help. Thank you to everyone who sent well-wishes and donated to our CARE Fund which is for animals who need special medical care in extreme circumstances. 


Max is a Fighter

Max was shot multiple times and found lying on the side of the road on the far east side of Las Vegas.

Animal Protection Services rushed Max to The Animal Foundation for medical care. Our veterinary team met a miserable, but sweet and loving boy.


X-rays taken confirmed numerous bullet fragments in his head, back, and shoulder. There is also a fracture in his skull.

Someone shot Max. We're not sure how long he has been on his own, but our veterinary team believes the gunshot wounds are older due to the level of infection present.

Our team carefully removed the bullet fragments and cleaned his infected wounds; he had to have drains placed to help expedite healing and sutures placed to help close the wounds. He was also given antibiotics and pain medication.


Despite everything he’s been through, Max is gentle and trusting with every team member who comes near him.

To fully recover, he will need daily wound care for several more days. Because the wounds are extensive, this often requires sedation.

We are sharing Max’s story with you because we established our CARE Fund for animals who need special care in extreme circumstances. 100% of your donations go directly to medical care for animals like Max who desperately need us.


Thanks to an outpouring of donations a couple of weeks ago for Penny, our sweet dog with a severe case of mange, your donations will also allow us to provide lifesaving care for Max.

We thank every one of you who supports our shelter. Your donations help us save the most vulnerable animals in our care. Today, Max has a fighting chance because of you.

You can learn more about our CARE Fund here:


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