Help Blanche get the life-changing surgery she deserves

May 14th, 2024


We have an update on Blanche!

Blanche stole our hearts when she arrived at The Animal Foundation with an injured paw.

Our veterinary team discovered a chronic injury to her right leg, making it tough for her to extend her leg or put weight on it.

The good news? Blanche has been adopted to a loving home, and thanks to your donations, she will undergo life-changing surgery on Thursday at the Las Vegas Veterinary Specialty Center.

Blanche is doing great in her new home! She’s fitting right in with her new family’s three cats, loves everyone she meets, and is already mastering the art of sitting.

Blanche knows she is safe and loved. Every time they go outside, Blanche is surprised she gets to come back in the house with her new family.

A big thank you to everyone who donated to Blanche’s care. You helped provide her with a new lease on life when she needed us the most.

May 9th, 2024

Blanche came to The Animal Foundation when she needed us most.

She was discovered roaming the busy streets, her paw injured and in urgent need of attention. Fortunately, a Good Samaritan picked her up and brought her to the safety of the shelter.

Our veterinary team examined Blanche and determined that she has a chronic injury to her right forelimb that prevents her from being able to extend her paw or bear weight on the leg.

We don’t know how this happened to Blanche, but she needs her leg amputated at a partnering veterinary hospital. This will improve her overall comfort and prevent any self-injury.

Despite her challenged mobility, Blanche is a happy girl who hops around like a bunny and wins over everyone she meets.

As if her face isn’t irresistible enough, Blanche is the absolute sweetest, wanting nothing more than pets while she looks up at you and smiles.

Blanche is incredibly gentle and loving. She simply craves your time and attention, nothing more.

We can't wait for her to transform into a remarkable three-legged pup, ready to bring joy to someone’s life!

But we can’t do it alone. Your donation is crucial in covering the costs of Blanche’s care. Your support is vital. She’s relying on us, and we can’t let her down.

Please help us support Blanche by donating to our CARE Fund. We established the CARE Fund for animals who need special care in extreme circumstances. Donate today on the form below.

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