4 puppies abandoned in bucket on Las Vegas sidewalk

June 11, 2024

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An UPDATE on the four adorable puppies found abandoned in a bucket on a hot Las Vegas day.

They’re getting medicated baths and antibiotics for mange. Their scabs are healing, but it’ll take a bit for their fur to grow back.

All four are responding well to treatment. With love, patience, and excellent care from our veterinary team and groomer, we are confident in their recovery. A massive thank you to everyone who donated to their care!

As an open-admission shelter, The Animal Foundation takes in animals needing emergency or specialized medical care every week. Any leftover funds from the puppies’ treatment will support other shelter animals needing special care.

June 6, 2024

Earlier this week, a litter of four sweet puppies were found abandoned inside a blue bucket on a Las Vegas sidewalk.

At just four months old, they were left alone in the heat, facing the uncertainty of survival. 

Thankfully, Animal Protection Services brought them to The Animal Foundation for immediate care. All four puppies are suffering from severe mange, with bleeding skin, hair loss, and open sores.

Mange is an irritating skin condition caused by microscopic mites that infest the skin. Fortunately, mange is treatable, and all four puppies are responding well to treatment.

They are getting medicated baths, antibiotics, and special treatments. It will take a few weeks for them to heal.

None of these puppies had collars or microchips, so we named them Aramis, Constance, Athos, and Milady. 

As animal lovers, you know that saving lives is a community effort, and we can’t do it alone. We need your help to ensure we can provide the necessary treatment for these puppies.

Please consider donating today to help these little ones recover and get the second chance they deserve. You can donate to their care below.

These puppies now need foster homes to continue their ongoing care. If you’re interested in fostering one of these puppies, please email foster@animalfoundation.com and include their litter number, A1322258.

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