Winston is Recovering and Ready for Adoption

Winston is Recovering and Ready for Adoption 

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Winston is eating pain-free and wagging his tail.

We're happy to report he's recovering and ready for adoption! 

Over the weekend, Winston went to Lone Mountain Animal Hospital where he was able to get the specialized treatment he needed. The veterinary team extracted his broken teeth and flushed and cleaned the wound in his mouth. An X-ray of his skull confirmed the great news that Winston does not need a wire to stabilize his jaw fracture. Winston is now resting comfortably in the farm area at The Animal Foundation and is ready to find a forever family who will love and cherish him. 

Thank you to every single one of you who donated so Winston could get the X-rays and dental care he so desperately needed. Now it's time to get this sweet piggie adopted! 

Winston Says THANK YOU! 

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Winston will go to Lone Mountain Animal Hospital on Saturday to receive specialized treatment for the injuries to his jaw. He will get dental X-rays, have his broken teeth removed, and they will close the open wound inside his mouth. They may need to place a wire inside his jaw to stabilize his jaw fracture, but we won’t know for sure until after the fantastic team at Lone Mountain is able to examine him.

We are so thankful that our community came together to support Winston and his recovery. We will keep you updated on his progress!

You can read more about Winston and donate to his continued care below.

Injured Pig, Winston, Needs Your Help 

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Winston came to The Animal Foundation as a stray, terrified and bleeding from his nose and mouth. 

In pain and unable to eat, Winston desperately needed our help. Our veterinary team sedated him so they could get a closer look at his injuries. Once they were able to examine him more closely, it was apparent that the trauma to Winston's mouth was severe. 

Poor Winston has a broken jaw, several missing and broken teeth, and dead tissue inside his mouth. These injuries are quite painful, so our veterinary team is keeping him comfortable with pain medication and a comfy bed in our farm area for now. But Winston needs to go to a dental specialist to help fix the severe injuries to his mouth. 


Here at The Animal Foundation, as an open admission shelter, we take in and care for all animals who come to us in need, no matter what breed and no matter how injured. That's why we established our CARE fund for animals who need extra care in extreme circumstances. 100% of all donations go directly to medical care for animals like Winston who desperately need us. 

Can you help Winston get the specialized medical care he needs to recover and live pain-free? 

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