Tofu Has Been Adopted!

Tofu Has Been Adopted! 

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We’re thrilled to report that Tofu has been ADOPTED by her foster mom!

You may remember Tofu came to us at just nine weeks old with several wounds on her back legs. She was fighting off an infection that had overwhelmed her body, and one back leg had to be amputated.

These days, Tofu is enjoying life with her new family! She has learned to use the doggie door to go outside, and she loves to lay and bask in the sun.

Tofu spends her days playing and cuddling her new family and her dog sisters. Doesn’t she look cute with her new BFF, Mishka? Tofu often wins tug of war between the two of them. (Even with 3 legs!)

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Tofu is now 20 lbs (She only weighed 7lbs when she arrived at The Animal Foundation!)

We love you, Tofu! 

Tofu is Healing in Her Foster Home

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Tofu is now living with a foster family and has made herself right at home. We're so happy she's sleeping in a fuzzy pink bed and hanging out with her new foster siblings. Tofu fits right in! 

Tofu has lost of energy as she learns to navigate life on three legs. She's playful, curious, and eager for attention. She also gets a gold medal in napping! Her foster family loves watching her grow stronger every day. 

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Thanks to donations to our CARE Fund, Tofus got the chance for a happy ending. We established our CARE fund to help us save the lives of animals who need special care in extreme circumstances. 100% of all donations go directly to medical care for animals like Tofu who desperately need us. Become a CAREgiver for Tofu and other animals with special medical needs by donating at the bottom of this page. 

Tofu's Medical Needs Continue

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Sadly, Tofu developed septic arthritis in her knee because of the infection, and she had to have her back left leg amputated. She's doing great otherwise! She's still at Lone Mountain Animal Hospital as her wounds continue to heal. Thank you to everyone who donated already to her ongoing care. This cutie is getting a second chance because of your donations and our community coming together to save her life. 

You can read Tofu's full story and donate to her continued care by scrolling to the bottom of the page. 

Tofu Update! 

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Tofu is improving and healing wonderfully. She's scarfing down her food, and she's up to almost 9 lbs! While she still has a long way to go, she's already feeling better. 

Tofu is being cared for at Lone Mountain Animal Hospital. She was initially on an IV but was switched over to oral medications. Her feeding tube was also removed because she was eating wet food so well!

A big thank you to everyone who donated to Tofu's care and shared her story. You heard us ask for help, and you stepped up in a big way. We will care for Tofu for as long as she needs as she continues to recover.

You can read Tofu's full story and donate to her care below.

URGENT: Tofu Needs Your Help 

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We urgently need your help to save Tofu.
At just nine weeks old, she came to us extremely lethargic and couldn’t walk. She was in pain and someone tried to help by covering her body in purple antiseptic spray. But what she really needed was a veterinarian.

Tofu has several old wounds on her two back legs. It appears she may have been attacked by a bigger dog days before she arrived at the shelter and never received the veterinary care she so desperately needed.
Tofu is barely seven pounds, and she is fighting off an infection that has overwhelmed her body. 
She was examined by our veterinary team who performed X-rays and ran bloodwork. They started Tofu on pain medication and antibiotics and determined she would need around the clock care. 
Tofu was transported to Lone Mountain Animal Hospital. She is on a feeding tube, IV fluids, antibiotics, and being cared for 24 hours a day.

Tofu is still very weak. She isn't able to stand without support. She’s just now starting to eat on her own. 
Her greatest risk moving forward is that the infection is too severe and too deep to treat. 

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We will continue to update you on Tofu’s condition, but we still need your help to cover her medical bills. She’s showing good improvement, but she’s not out of the woods yet. Can you help her?
We established our CARE Fund to help us save the lives of animals who need special care in extreme circumstances. 100% of all donations go directly to medical care for animals like Tofu who desperately need us. Become a CAREgiver for Tofu by donating below.

Thank you, as always, for helping us save dogs like Tofu, so that she may experience only love for the rest of her life

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