So You Want to Adopt a Fee-Waived Dog

Doggone HomesIf you’ve been waiting to add a canine companion to your family, now is the perfect time! Thursday through Sunday, we’re waiving adoption fees for every shelter dog up for adoption during our Doggone Homes Fee-Waived Adoption Weekend. Our goal is to find a healthy, loving home for every single shelter dog at both of our adoption centers, and with your help, we can do it!

Want to have the best possible adoption experience this weekend? Here are three things you should know about fee-waived adoptions before bringing home a new furry friend:

1. Donations are encouraged!

Our adoption fees help cover animal care costs for the more than 40,000 animals we receive every year. When you make a donation, you’re directly helping our shelter dogs and cats who may need a little extra time to find their forever family. If you’d like to make a donation in place of your pet’s adoption fee, consider the following:

  • $20 microchips one pet, increasing the chance they’ll be reunited with their owners if ever lost
  • $39 buys 12 Stretch & Scratch cat scratchers for shelter cats waiting to find homes
  • $45 buys two medium/large dog beds for shelter dogs waiting for adoption
  • $65 neuters one male dog or cat
  • $85 spays one female dog or cat
  • $100 provides a week’s worth of food and care for a shelter pet

2. Come Prepared!

The entire family should be involved when it comes to bringing home a pet, and that includes your other dogs! Bring all your household’s people and pups (if you have them) down to adopt, and our adoption counselors can perform doggie meet-and-greets to help make sure everyone gets along.

You’ll want to bring along a few items to help aid your adoption process — you’ll need:

  • A valid form of ID
  • Proof of your current address (like a utility bill) if the address on your ID isn’t current

Adopters are subject to a counseling process, and it’s also important to note that only one fee-waived dog can be adopted per household this weekend. Additionally, a $10 city pet license fee may apply depending on where you live. If an adoption is not in the best interest of the pet, fee-waived adoptions can and will be denied.

3. Be Pawsome to Each Other!

Our adoption locations are going to be busy this weekend, so we ask that potential adopters please anticipate increased traffic and longer wait times to complete the adoption process. Give yourself enough time to find the right dog for your family and to go through the counseling process, and be courteous to others also looking to adopt! If you plan to visit our Campus Adoption Center, which is primarily outdoors, make sure to bring extra water or an umbrella to stay cool while hanging out with our pawsome pups.

Don’t forget — when you adopt, you’re making a 10-15 year commitment to your new furry friend. Caring for a pet includes long-term costs like food, veterinary visits, vaccines, toys, grooming, and more. If you’re ready to add a four-legged family member to your home, we can’t wait to see you during our Doggone Homes Fee-Waived Adoption Weekend!

Can’t wait to meet our shelter dogs? View all adoptable pets online or visit our two adoption locations — both are open seven days a week!

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  1. Janet Thornton

    Retired Disabled Veterans, also live with 82 year old Mother.

  2. Janet Thornton

    Can’t wait to get my pet.

  3. Debrina

    Hi my name is debrina and I was wondering if you guys can give me a dog for my birthday for free


    Google/FREE ADOPTION. Trying to save at least one animal dog small
    Short hair. Potty train would be great if not totally acceptable. Indoor dog looking for service animal. 702 542 1515 please leave message if not available. Looking at early July about 3 weeks.

  5. Mary Linder

    Can you adopt a dog in mo for fee waive weekend?

  6. Yusuf Muhammad

    I would love to have a dog but I can’t afford the adoption fee…

  7. Gary Granger

    I’m looking for a pit puppy or a husky puppy


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