Lost & Found

If your pet is lost, you must take action immediately.
The Animal Foundation accepts all lost and stray pets in City of Las Vegas,
City of North Las Vegas, and Clark County. If you have lost a pet in the City of Henderson,
please contact the Henderson Animal Shelter.

Lost pets brought to the The Animal Foundation are legally required to be held for 72 hours.  Stray cats with no identification that are brought to The Animal Foundation from the jurisdictions of the City of Las Vegas and Clark County are exempt from the 72 hour legal hold and may be evaluated for adoption upon intake.  In most cases, community cats are also excluded from the legal hold requirement and may be evaluated immediately. Owners of animals with identification will be contacted via phone and/or email. You can view our pets online. Our database is updated daily.  After the 72 hour hold, animals will be evaluated and may no longer be available to reclaim. If you lose your pet, we strongly recommend you immediately visit The Animal Foundation.

If your pet is at The Animal Foundation, visit the Reclaiming and Fees page for information about reclaiming your pet.

Search Found Pets at our Shelter

Our online database is updated hourly with animals brought in by both Animal Control and members of the community. Lost and stray pets picked up by City of Las Vegas, City of North Las Vegas, or Clark County Animal Control will be brought to The Animal Foundation. Henderson Animal Control brings pets to the Henderson Animal Shelter. 

In addition to searching found pets online, it is important to visit our campus to search for your pet as soon and as often as possible as a variety of circumstances may cause a delay in the posting of your animal’s photo or profile.

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Have you found a pet? Click here to register found dogs, cats, and other animals with our shelter.

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