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Hi, my name is *ARMAND

Meet Armand.

His love for chasing balls and toys knows no bounds, showcasing his energetic nature and zest for life. As a potty-trained dog, Armand is accustomed to relieving himself outdoors, reflecting his discipline and adaptability to training. Upon being released from his kennel, Armand's excitement was palpable, yet his sense of responsibility prevailed as he recognized the need to attend to his natural instincts. Despite his robust build, Armand possesses a gentle and trainable demeanor, particularly when enticed by treats and toys. This responsiveness to positive reinforcement highlights his eagerness to learn and adapt, suggesting that with proper guidance and encouragement, he can overcome any challenges, such as pulling on the leash. Armand's repertoire of commands, including "sit" and "shake," further attests to his intelligence and willingness to engage with his human counterparts.

Come and meet Armand, the delightful and trainable dog who is eager to embark on a new journey filled with love, companionship, and endless adventures.

My Special Considerations

Armand is not adapting well to being in a kennel at the shelter and is displaying signs of kennel distress and anxiety. Armand likes treats and seeks attention, he allows all handling. He seems to be having some improvement in his kennel. In his kennel, he is heavy panting, demand barking, has smear marks on kennel. He shows some prey drive and likes to chase birds. He came to playgroup and was unsure at first but warmed up and played. This animal would benefit from a calmer environment and training to be able to cope with changing environments and separation.


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