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Hi, my name is B.A

Avast, ye scurvy dogs! (No pun intended.)

My official title is Captain BA, short for Captain Black Arf. Las Vegas may be full of land lubbers, but I hear tell that it was once home to a mighty crew of ruffians at the mystical Treasure Island, back in ye olde 2014. So maychance there's enough swashbuckling spirit left to join me as I sail the high seas!

Together, we'll search Davy Jones' Locker for history's treasure troves: Tennis Ball Cove, Pup Peroni Bluff, and the long-lost hoard of the great Commodore Cheeze Whiz, said to hold enough enough Easy Cheese to bathe in every day for the rest of your life! We'll wage battle against the mighty Cat Armada, hijack stray schooners of the Royal Mailman Fleet. And through it all we'll sing, we'll laugh, we'll swig the best rum!

So find your sea legs fast! Yo ho, yo ho, a pirate's life for us!

BA recently went on a foster field trip, and here's what his foster had to say:

"This guy is a total sweetheart, and I can see why he is a favorite at TAF! We started by having lunch at Town Square, where he and I shared some chicken. He was grateful for the yummy treat but never begged and waited patiently while we finished our meal. From there, we went over to Sunset Park. He sniffed everything and was so happy to roll around under a tree in the shade. Despite only having one eye and some arthritic hips, he gets around just fine and is up for any adventure. He walked pretty well on a leash and was a dream in the car. This boy has been at the shelter for too long. He deserves a comfy home to live out the rest of his life."

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