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Hi, my name is *GOOSE

I have found placement with a Paw Partner!
However, I am still available for adoption until they pick me up.

My Special Considerations

*Goose is whale eyed, heavy panting, pacing, jumping off walls and pushing her self off with her feet, circling, cage fighting and biting at bars at the dog next door. Staff offers her treats and she stops for a second and then begings cage fighting and high pitch demand barking, growling and biting at bars again. Took a few minutes to for staff to get her leashed due to constent jumping, circling and pacing. Once leashed and removed from kennel dog begins lunging, growling, pilo erection and snapping at dog in other kennel when walking by. *Goose is severly reactive to other dogs on leash and becomes aroused and staff is unable to get her relaxed when other dogs are in sight. When staff walked her away from other dogs in sight she continues to constantly pant and pace, allows all handling but does not care for staffs attention and is busy pacing and looking around. Animals' mental welfare is diminishing showing signs of anxiety and stress to the environment.

Needs rescue no later than 01/18/21 at 3pm.


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