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Hi, my name is PILOT

The Animal Foundation Team is getting to know me. Please stop by to meet me and learn more!

My Special Considerations

*Bolt is an incredibly sweet and handsome young husky with severe stifle (knee) abnormalities. He is unable to fully extend his knees, causing him to waddle with a hunched posture. *Bolt is being kept comfortable on pain medications (and lots of cheese!) while at The Animal Foundation, but needs transfer to a rescue partner by 01/08/2020 for further work-up of his condition.

01/06/20 UPDATE: Radiographs available to transfer partners. This dog appears to have a congenital (birth) defect that causes both of his knee caps (patellas) to be luxated laterally. They cannot be manually replaced. This results in his inability to straighten his hindlegs. He will need orthopedic consult and likely sx to correct. Need Transfer committment by 6 pm on 1.9.20.

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