What to do if you Lose your Dog During Fourth of July Week

If your pet is brought to The Animal Foundation between July 1 and July 10, come to the shelter immediately to reclaim them. We will be waiving all reclaim fees during this time to ensure your pets can get home to you as quickly as possible.

Walk around your neighborhood or the area where the dog was lost.

Ask neighbors to check their garages, under cars, and their yards. Call the dog's name, stop, and listen frequently. Do not chase a lost pet. If you see your pet, sit on the ground and talk to them in a normal voice, offer treats, and take your time.

Is your dog microchipped?

Contact the microchip company where your dog is registered and make sure the contact information associated with the chip is correct.

Upload a photo of your pet to Petco Love Lost.

Their facial recognition software will alert you if someone has found a dog that looks similar to your dog and even checks the animals listed on The Animal Foundation's Lost & Found page.


Search our Lost & Found page

Lost pets picked up in the cities of Las Vegas, North Las Vegas, or Clark County are brought to The Animal Foundation. Search our Lost & Found page to see all the animals currently in our shelter. If you have lost an animal in the City of Henderson, please contact Henderson Animal Control at 702-267-4970 or visit their website. If you find your dog on our Lost & Found page, you can click here to learn more about claiming them.


Create a flyer.

Use your Petco Love Lost post to create a flyer (available on their website). Post that flyer around the area where the dog was lost, on mailboxes, bulletin boards, local vet clinics, pet supply stores, etc. You will be able to be notified if someone finds your pet through the app without having to post your personal information on the flyer itself.

Create a post on social media.

Create posts on social media (Nextdoor, local Facebook groups for lost pets, etc.) with clear photos of your dog. Provide information about your pet, where they were lost, how to best approach them, and your contact information.

Review social media posts.

Review social media posts to see if anyone has posted your dog as found.

Don’t give up!

When you have found your dog, update your social media posts and remove any flyers.

Do you live in Henderson, Boulder City, or Nye County?

If you live in Henderson, Boulder City, or Nye County and lose your pet, you will need to contact your local shelter for next steps.

For more information about lost pets in Henderson, click here.

For more information about lost pets in Boulder City, click here.

For more information about lost pets in Nye County, click here.

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