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Hi, my name is *MEGA MILLIONS

Here's how I did in foster care!
"Mega is a dinosaur baby ??
Mega is loveable and strong. He played with the entire family. We had caution around our 4 yr old only because of his size, yet while she napped he brought her his toys and placed them in front of her. He ran the yard with my 8yr old and played LOTS of tug of war with my 13 year old. He bonded instantly with my husband wanting to sit in his lap constantly, lay with him and give him neck snuggles. He can eat out of hand and takes treats gently. We took him for a walk but he did not like the leash or harness. He is a smart energetic boy that doesn't have a stop button on play. ??

*Toy Motivated over treats, but will take pieces of turkey
*Knows sit command when you have turkey
*Seems house/potty trained, whines at the door to go out, when let out he did his buisness
*Heeds the boundary of a baby gate
*Will not bark at door bells or knocks on the door (never barked in the house)
*Loves to chew and play biting is an issue (doesn't hurt, even the kids)
*Not afraid of firework sounds (spent new years eve with us)
*Good with kids, but watch the playbites, and he doesn't know how big he is when it comes to the little ones. (Will sit, step, lay on, jump on, can run them over)
*VERY ACTIVE - needs room/time to run
*LOVES to PLAY tug. Will return a toy but only to play tug. Loves to play chase and to play with toy balls. Punctured a few and still wanted to play with them
*EASY BONDING, bonding was a breeze, accomplished by play
*Prefers to sit in a lap on car rides, or attempt to crawl in one's skin ?? he has anxiety until he is in one's lap then will calm
*Wants to be in someone's lap in the home as well, when he is calm
*Loves to nestle in one's neck when calm sitting in lap
*Not leash trained, does not like them, or the harness, tried to chew off
*Moderatly comfortable with crates/ will sleep in it for a few hours, never barked
*We were able to remove toys from his mouth with no sign of anxiety or aggression
*Will wrangle a pillow or stuffed animal if let unattended ??
*LOVES to chase his tail. This was sometimes prompted after passing gas ??"

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