Treehugger: 12 clever new uses for cats and dogs (3/26/15)

Pets, they’re not just for cuddling anymore!

Long gone are the days when animal shelters relied solely on photos of big-eyed kitties and sad puppies to entice humans into taking orphaned pets home. Savvy shelters are incorporating creative campaigns that may still tug the heartstrings, but there have also been humorous approaches that serve to tickle the funny bone.

The non-profit Animal Foundation in Las Vegas, Nevada is one such organization trying a novel approach to encourage adoption. As Nevada’s largest open-admission animal shelter pet adoption center, they worked with ad agency R&R Partners to come up with a set of snappy mock infomercials (mockmercials … is that a word?) for two incredible new multi-purpose products: “Pet Cat” and “Pet Dog.” Every home needs one!

What can a new Pet Dog do for you? Not only do you get a vacuum cleaner, alarm system, and co-pilot, but also a gardener, a babysitter and a concierge. Have different needs? Pet Cat may be the ticket! With Pet cat you get an alarm clock, exterminator, laptop cozy, sleeping mask, window decoration and knitting assistant. But wait, there’s more!

For extra features and bonuses, watch the ads below:

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