Register a Lost or Found Pet

Use the links below to increase your chances of finding
your lost pet or helping to reunite a pet you’ve found with
his or her owners.

Increase the chance of a happy reunion with your pet. Use the links below to register your lost animal with both Finding Rover and Pet Harbor. You will be automatically emailed when an animal matching the photo (Finding Rover) and criteria you enter is found or arrives at our shelter.

•Let Facial Recognition Technology Help Find Your Lost Pet

You can register your lost dog or cat at Finding Rover. Finding Rover is a free mobile app that helps pet owners find their lost pets in real-time using facial recognition. Pet owners can register their pets on Finding Rover for free by uploading their pet’s photo and entering a few details about their pet along with contact information. Every time a pet “parent” posts a photo of a dog they’ve lost, Finding Rover scans its database and provides possible matches and necessary contact information within seconds. Importantly, by registering your pet in the Finding Rover Community, your pet becomes searchable by thousands of users if he or she is ever lost.

•Lost Pet Registration

You will be emailed automatically when a matching animal is registered as found.

•Found Pet Registration

If you’ve found a pet, you have the opportunity to play a major role in reuniting that pet with his or her owner. Use the links below to register the found animal. You will be emailed automatically when matching animals are registered as lost.

•Surrender a Found Pet

You can surrender a found pet into our care daily from 10am-7pm at our Campus, or by contacting the appropriate Animal Control department for your jurisdiction.

  • City of Las Vegas – 702.229.6444
  • Clark County – 702.455.7710
  • City of North Las Vegas – 702.633.1750
  • City of Henderson – 702.267.4970*