Lost Pet Tips

If your pet is missing, act immediately!

•Search our shelter, in person and online.

The Animal Foundation receives lost and stray animals from City of Las Vegas, City of North Las Vegas and Clark County residents and Animal Control officers. We receive more than 100 animals each day, so visiting the shelter to search for your pet every day is important!

We recommend residents who have lost their pets visit in person, but if that’s not always possible, you can search our lost pet online database by clicking here. The database is updated hourly with animals that have recently entered the shelter.

Henderson residents should visit the City of Henderson’s Animal Shelter to search for their pet. The Henderson Animal Shelter is located at 300 E. Galleria, Henderson, NV 89011.

•Register your lost pet

Didn’t find your pet online or at our shelter? To increase your chances of finding your pet, register your lost animal! You’ll receive a daily email with any pets missing your animal’s description are registered as “found” by members of the community. Please still continue to check the shelter daily as well.

•Contact your microchip company.

If your pet is microchipped, contact your microchip company as soon as you discover your pet is missing. Let the representative know that you’d like to report your pet as “lost or possibly stolen.” The company will flag your pet’s records just in case someone finds your pet and tries to change the microchip registration to their name!

•Get social!

Follow our up-to-the-minute feed of all pets entering our facility on Twitter.

Print flyers and hang them in your neighborhood. Make sure to include a photo, and any helpful information (sex, spayed/neutered, age, any unique markings, microchip, etc.).

Don’t forget to visit the veterinary hospitals in the surrounding areas – many will have lost pet display boards or binders where you can post your flyer. The staff may have even seen your pet! Also remember to check with other rescue groups an animal welfare organizations. Click here to view a list of our local Rescue Organization partners.

Use online sites like Craigslist and Facebook to post information about your pet. Don’t forget to include the same important information that’s included on your flyers.

•Don’t give up!

Continue to search for your pet at the shelter and follow the steps above to increase the chances of a happy reunion with your beloved pet!