Courtney and Tater’s Pawsome Home

Courtney met her adorable pooch Tater in May 2015 after she and her boyfriend moved to Vegas for the summer. During this time, Courtney found she had a lot of free time while her boyfriend worked, so she decided to save a life and adopt a furry friend.She visited The Animal Foundation, and instantly fell in love with Tater (formerly Penny).

“She completely stole my heart, and I knew she was the one. She definitely chose us. We drove Tater to see the Grand Canyon, and when the summer was over, she flew back to Southern Indiana with me. She saw snow for the first time and wasn’t very fond of it, she’s definitely a desert dog! She met her brother (Ming, a pug) and has become best friends with him! Everyone that comes across Tater falls in love with her. She is the sweetest, most loving, energetic little girl. I couldn’t imagine our lives without her!”

Since being adopted, Tater has grown very fond of her family, and their television! She loves to watch TV and anytime there is an animal on television (dog, cat, horse, anything!) she jumps up at the it, barks at the animal, and goes behind the TV to find it. That sounds like one happy, silly and spunky pup!

Two paws up to Courtney for adopting, and we are so happy to hear about Tater’s wonderful life in Indiana. Because not EVERYTHING that happens in Vegas stays in Vegas!


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