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Improved Shelter and New Adoption Center

The upgrades to the Lied Animal Shelter will enable us to provide hospital-grade, longer-term housing, isolation areas for the sick, and more thorough veterinary care with an expanded and upgraded veterinary clinic. It will also enable us to double our capacity to offer spay and neuter services.

The new Engelstad Adoption Center will promote, encourage, and boost adoptions. Through planned housing structures, designed in concert with best practices in animal shelter care, and meet-and-greet areas, our animals will be provided with safe and comfortable housing, and visitors will get to know their potential companions in a more intimate, interactive, and natural environment.

A Community Education Center and “Mission Central”

A new Community Education Center will enable us to o er both animal and human training and education programs designed to create a community of pet owners who have been afforded every opportunity to ensure a long, happy, and mutually beneficial relationship between themselves and their four-legged friends.

A “Mission Central” area within the new Engelstad Adoption Center will provide permanent and professional office space for the administrative and management staff. Staff are currently working out of temporary structures and in multiple locations. Centralizing leadership e orts and bringing the team together in a permanent structure will increase the ability to serve all of our customers, both animals and the humans who love them, with greater efficiency.


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A Place to save
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