Announcement: The Animal Foundation Starting Admissions By Appointment Beginning September 1

The Animal Foundation is committed to Mission: Possible 2020, our strategic initiative to save the lives of all healthy and treatable animals who enter our care by the end of the year 2020.

To achieve Mission: Possible 2020, we are determined to find forever homes for more homeless animals while also keeping pets in their current homes whenever possible.

Admissions by Appointment is a key piece in this strategic vision. Beginning September 1, 2016, The Animal Foundation will accept owned animals by appointment only.

Many leading shelters across the country have adopted the innovative strategy in order to save more lives, and those shelters experienced a decrease in euthanasia, an increase in adoptions, and a reduction in owners surrendering their pets, ranging between 15 – 30%.

The industry-leading admissions program will allow each animal surrendered into our care its best chance for success and help staff at The Animal Foundation provide a better customer experience to pet owners facing the difficult decision to surrender a furry family member.

By making the change to admissions by appointment, our staff will be able to give customers the time and attention needed to provide them with compassionate and transparent service. Pet owners will be able to schedule a convenient appointment time that fits their schedule, allowing them to avoid long wait times and the chaos that can exist when surrendering a pet through a walk-in process.

Additionally, we will be able counsel pet owners about the resources available to them through our Keeping Every Person and Pet Together (KEPPT) program in an effort to find solutions to keep families together and maintain the human-animal bond.

We understand that despite a pet owner’s best efforts, it sometimes becomes necessary to give up a pet. In those instances, it is crucial that we collect as much information about the pet as possible to help us determine the best possible outcome. For example, if a dog is surrendered and goes up for adoption, and we know it gets along with other dogs, but not cats, we can find a more suitable forever home for that animal.

In addition to improving the customer experience for pet owners wishing to surrender their pet, the Admissions by Appointment model will have a significant impact on daily operations and lifesaving at The Animal Foundation.

Currently, we are not able to anticipate how many animals will come into our care after being surrendered by their owners. By implementing owner surrenders by appointment only, we can better anticipate the volume of animals entering our care and prevent an overwhelming number of animals being surrendered by their owners at one time.
The Animal Foundation is committed to giving the animals that enter our care the best chance at a happy life in an amazing forever home. Admissions by Appointment is an essential change for saving the lives of all healthy and treatable animals that enter our care and to achieving Mission: Possible 2020.

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