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Hi, my name is *BRAD

I am part of our Working Cats Program and I am looking for a non-traditional home where I can flourish and thrive! Us working cats may not be particularly well-socialized to people, or may just be happier helping to control rodent populations. Life as traditional, indoor pets is not for us, but we would be content in residential areas, warehouses, barns, factories, police/fire stations, plant nurseries, breweries, artist studios, offices, churches, and any other properties suited for independent-minded cats. Our adoption fee is waived, so head on over to to submit an adoption form today!

My Special Considerations

I was brought to the shelter because I was attacked by a dog in my previous neighborhood, so now I don't feel safe living there anymore. While the vets were treating my injuries, they discovered I also have a fungal skin infection, called Ringworm, causing hair loss and mild skin irritation.

Ringworm is contagious to other animals and people, and while regular special baths will treat it, I am not so fond of getting wet. But the good news is that Ringworm will self-cure with time, and as long I continue living outside, I won't be exposing anyone! So please inquire about me today, I know I am who you have been searching for to get all your rodent issues under control!

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