10 Things You Need to Know for a Chance to Adopt a Pomeranian 

  1. READ THE ENTIRE RULES before entering click here. You can also scroll down on the home page of the adopt.gesture.com entry system for an overview of the rules.  
  2. IT IS LIKE A RAFFLE. What you are “Buying” is a chance to be selected in a random drawing to adopt one of the Pomeranian dogs. Purchasing a CHANCE to be selected DOES NOT guarantee that you will be chosen. Every entry purchased has the same chance of being selected regardless of the timing of your entry, as long as the entry is purchased before the 11:59 pm, January 1st deadline. For example, being first to purchase an entry for a specific dog does not ensure a better placement in the random drawing. 
  3. EVERYONE IS STILL A WINNER. If you are not selected at random to adopt one of the Pomeranian dogs, you may use your entry to adopt any animal at The Animal Foundation throughout 2018. Keep the electronic receipt of your entry, and present it when you come to adopt.
  4. DO NOT BE CONFUSED BY THE BUY OR BUY NOW TERMINOLOGY. This language is the limitation of the system in use. YOU ARE NOT BUYING THE DOG. You are simply buying a CHANCE to be selected. Others are also possibly entering their chance to be selected for the same dog. Only one entry will be selected in the random drawing for each dog and the winners will be notified no later than January 5, 2018. 
  5. THIS IS NOT AN AUCTION. Ignore the “How bidding works” on the site. Again, this is a limitation of the system. We apologize for any confusion. 
  6. EACH ENTRY IS $200 and must be paid when entering your selection. This covers the cost of your adoption which also includes spay/neuter, vaccines, microchip, a starter bag of food, 30 days of free pet insurance and a voucher good for a complimentary wellness exam at participating veterinary hospitals. Remember, the $200 can be applied to another adoption if not selected to adopt a Pomeranian dog. Either way, you receive a $200 value for each entry, and therefore is only refundable if you do not qualify to adopt.  
  7. 3 IS THE MAGIC NUMBER. You can only enter 3 times per household. Households may purchase up to 3 entries for one dog or up to 3 entries for multiple dogs. 
  8. WATCH THIS ITEM. If you are interested in possibly purchasing a chance to be selected to adopt a specific dog but are not quite ready to commit, select “Watch This Item” rather than “Buy.” You will need to come back to your selection and “Buy” the entry for the random drawing to participate. You have until 11:59pm on January 1, 2018, to select and pay for your entry. 
  9. YOU WILL BE VETTED. Each entrant selected in the random drawing for one of the Pomeranian dogs is required to be present for an in-person screening and interview at an appointed time prior to adoption, just as with any other potential adopter. The Animal Foundation reserves the right to disqualify any prospective adopter at its sole discretion and return the entry fee. 
  10. GOOD LUCK. Our commitment is to find good loving homes for these dogs, and all our lost, abandoned, and abused pets at The Animal Foundation. If you do not end up adopting one of these Pomeranian dogs, your best friend is still waiting for you at The Animal Foundation. 


If you have questions, please contact us at donations@animalfoundation.com. 

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