The Animal Foundation announces it will be implementing Keeping Every Person & Pet Together program (KEPPT)

The Animal Foundation is announced on September 1 that they will be implementing the Keeping Every Person & Pet Together program (KEPPT).

As part of the five-year Life-Saving goal announced in May, The Animal Foundation will be offering new resources in the coming weeks to help pet owners make informed decisions if they feel they must relinquish a family pet. Many pet-related problems are solvable, and it is the shelter’s hope is to provide support that will keep more pets in homes. This will include access to a re-homing tool kit that will provide a list of pet-friendly housing options, pet related community resources, and behavior training providers.

To further the life-saving goal, once all supportive avenues have been exhausted, pet owners wishing to surrender a pet will need to make an appointment with the Animal Foundation. A dedicated phone number will be established and staff will be available to assist pet owners through this difficult process.

The Animal Foundation staff understand that deciding to give up a pet can be a very emotional time. Our ultimate goal is to offer resources that preserve the bond between people and pets.

We are currently piloting these service changes and the effective date for the full program will be announced soon. We are excited to offer this lifesaving program to our community.

For any questions, or for assistance with these new services, please email us at

2 Responses to “The Animal Foundation announces it will be implementing Keeping Every Person & Pet Together program (KEPPT)”

  1. Kasey Cortez

    I’m trying to see if I qualify for the keppt program I got a ticket 6/22/18 my dog is a boy he is 2 years old a rottweiler and I have to get him fixed and vaccinated i want to keep my dog he is my emotional support animal please help

  2. Samantha Warren

    I have 3 dogs and 1 of them I recently rescued.. I just noticed that 1 side of her face is swollen. I was gently feeling around and she cried out.. Please help me.. I just started a new job but I can’t afford this


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