Rehoming Your Pet

There are a lot of people throughout the Las Vegas Valley looking for a furry friend just like yours! Before bringing your pet to The Animal Foundation, download our rehoming tool kit and try to find a new forever home for your pet.

Below are some quick tips for rehoming your pet:

  • Start by taking good photos of your pet (a photo of your pet’s face and your pet’s whole body)
  • compose your pet’s biography so you can post him on an Adoptable Pets page or flyer
  • Describe the ideal home you would like to find for your pet
  • If your pet has a behavior problem, you need to disclose this!
  • List your re-home fee, and what this includes
  • Use this information to make a flyer

Our rehoming tool kit will walk you through these steps, and includes a sample application for your use.

Other Community Resources

Before surrendering your pet to The Animal Foundation, please consider reaching out to local rescue organizations. You can view The Animal Foundation’s Paw Partners (local rescue organization’s that we partner with) by clicking here.