More and More Pets are KEPPT Rather Than Surrendered

man hugging his dogWhen you think about The Animal Foundation, chances are you think about pet adoptions. Ending pet homelessness, however, isn’t just about finding homes for pets. It’s also about keeping pets in the homes they already have and out of the shelter. This is where our Keeping Every Person and Pet Together program (KEPPT) comes in.


When people come to The Animal Foundation to surrender their pet, they are scheduled to meet with a KEPPT counselor to find out why they have come to the heartbreaking decision of giving up a beloved family member. Typically, people aren’t making the decision out of heartlessness, but rather out of hopelessness. Often, a pet owner is facing a temporary, but dire situation where KEPPT can help.


Take Harry’s case for example. When Harry’s landlord threatened to evict him because of his English Bulldog, Gordo, Harry wasn’t in a position to move and felt he had no other choice but to rehome Gordo. Luckily, we were able to help Harry obtain an emotional support animal certificate for Gordo so that Henry had a legal right to keep him in the apartment.


When Brenda came to us with her beloved Chihuahua, Chiquita, she explained that she was unable to afford the urgent medical care Chiquita needed. KEPPT was able to arrange and pay for discounted medical services from a trusted veterinary partner and save Brenda from having to make a difficult choice.


These are just a few examples of how, when people come to us thinking their only option they have to save their pet is to surrender their pet, our KEPPT program is able to help keep pets in their home an out of the shelter through the delivery of basic veterinary care, short-term boarding or temporary pet food assistance.


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