Las Vegas Review Journal: Rabbit rescue group advises: Do homework before adopting a bunny (4/22/15)

web1_HouseRabbit_0That cute little bunny you bought on impulse for Easter? You might be having second thoughts.

A rabbit is a 10-year commitment. It is not a good pet for kids.

“We don’t like this time of year. We actually have a campaign. It’s called Make Mine Chocolate,” said Maria L. Perez, founder and president of the Las Vegas House Rabbit Society. “We encourage people to buy a chocolate rabbit for their child and not a live one, because they’re not a good pet for a child. Many of them are not spayed or neutered, so they have behavioral issues such as biting and aggression.”

Last year, in the two weeks following Easter, 13 rabbits entered The Animal Foundation. Of those, one was an owner surrender, one was a return, and the remainder were brought in as strays.

The House Rabbit Society is a nonprofit, all-volunteer rabbit rescue group. It does not accept surrendered rabbits but provides information to rabbit owners and foster volunteers. It has resources to help owners correctly care for their new bunny. Its website,, includes information on bunny care, proper diet and housing, and it also has volunteers who can answer questions for those who are facing behavioral problems with their rabbit.


Perez encourages people who decide to adopt a rabbit to go to The Animal Foundation, 655 N. Mojave Road, or the Nevada SPCA, 4800 W. Dewey Drive.

“Giving a rescue bunny a second chance is a good idea,” she said. “But first … call us, so we can talk about habitat and see if a bunny is the right fit for you.”

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