Brittany and Valentino’s Tail of Love

smileThey say that sometimes when you’re not looking, love has a way of finding you. This was the case for Brittany and her dog, Valentino, a shy, but sweet, two-year-old miniature Poodle. Brittany wasn’t looking to adopt a new best friend just yet, but on July 4, 2015 she strolled through The Animal Foundation bungalows for two hours looking at all of the amazing dogs waiting to find forever homes.

As she prepared to exit the dog bungalows, something prompted her to go back and visit the first bungalow — the only one she had skipped. She was drawn to a quiet miniature poodle in the corner cage. All of the dogs she saw so far that day were filled with energy and barking up a storm, but in the corner kennel there was a little, scared puppy who needed love and attention. Brittany said:

“His demeanor made him one of a kind and I was drawn to his personality. It was love at first sight and I knew that I had to make this precious little pup my lifetime companion.

I sat down in front of his cage and he looked at me as he continued to cower in the corner. I started talking to him as we both made eye contact with one another. After several minutes had passed,he quietly approached me and slowly smelled my hand. My heart fluttered as he eventually let me pet him through the cage. ‘I’ve got to get you out of here…’ I said, and that’s what I did.”

Since bringing Valentino home, Brittany discovered he is a huge fan of walks, and they take several together every day. He has also come out of his shell quite a bit, and is blossoming into a social butterfly. Every night, Valentino sleeps in Brittany’s arms arms, and is the first one to greet her with a good morning smooch.

Two paws up to Brittany for finding love, and for giving Valentino a loving forever home!

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