Alternatives to Surrendering Your Pet

Sometimes pet owners feel like the difficult decision to surrender an animal is the only option, but we have resources to help you keep your pet in your home and out of the shelter. Before making the decision to relinquish ownership of your pet to The Animal Foundation, please consider the following solutions to common reasons for pet surrender.  If you don’t see a solution on this list, our staff is here to help and advise you.


Some apartments do not allow cats or dogs. Please click here to view apartments that allow pets before signing a rental agreement.


Almost every behavioral or aggression issue can be corrected. Consult a behaviorist or trainer for help. There are several places right here in the Valley that offer training services! Click here for a list of places that offer pet training services. Please note that these are just some of the pet trainers in town, and there are others out there that may not be listed here.


When available, The Animal Foundation offers pet food to residents in need of financial help. Please contact us at 702-384-3333 to check availability.

•Domestic violence and abuse

Noah’s Animal House and The Shade Tree provide temporary shelter for the pets of humans who have been displaced by domestic violence. Arrangements can be made through The Shade Tree – (702) 385-0072 ext. 126

•Alternative Placements

Please consider contacting one of our 60+ local and regional rescue partners. Click here for information.

Rehoming Your Pet