Abbey and Boo’s Purr-fect Home

20151226_030047413_iOSAmber, Andy and their kids were heartbroken when their cat of 15 years passed away in February, 2015. Their two children, aged 9 and 11 at the time, took the news especially hard. Amber and Andy’s daughter told her parents, “that he was her best friend and she missed him so much.”

A few weeks later, both kids came home from school and went straight to their room. They were in there for a while, counting their money and coming up with a plan for Amber and Andy to let them adopt a new kitten.

The surprised parents found it hard to argue with the idea because they actually did have enough money to adopt a cat, plus pay for food and litter. Reluctantly, the parents took their kids to the The Animal Foundation on a cold school night. Amber and Andy told their kids that they would look, but there were no guarantees they would find the right kitten or take one home. The kids were so excited and chatted during the car ride about how they would take care of the kitty and all the fun they would have with him or her.

When the family arrived at the animal shelter, their hearts melted seeing all of the small kittens. They spent an hour going back and forth between all the options, not really sure what to do. Finally, Amber and Andy decided to adopt two kitties, so that each would have a playmate.

They adopted Boo, an all black kitty, and Abbey, who was a multicolored tabby. Amber said of their new family members:

“When we brought them home, they were so scared and timid, but eventually got used to our home. Fast forward a year later, and you’d never know these cats were adopted. They are still super cute. Boo is more of the “mother” cat and constantly grooms Abbey. Abbey is our little tree climber and loves routines. If we go outside, she will run around the yard, roll around, and climb this tree. Every time. It’s comical actually. She loves to snuggle with us when we are sleeping. We nicknamed her “potato” because, well, I guess because she looks like a potato? I don’t know, but it’s funny and we love her.


They snuggle, play wrestle, and get along very well. They are very quiet kitties, with the occasional meow for food. Speaking of which, we feed them both dry and wet food and it’s interesting because Boo prefers the wet food, whereas Abbey loves her dry. Even when there’s an option for wet, Abbey will go to the dry food first. Both kitties are happy, well adjusted, and definitely loved! We are so grateful to have them in our lives.”

IMG_6580Two paws up to Amber, Andy and their whole family for providing a loving home for these two furry friends!

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